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GAta conférence Gold rush21, les participants

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MessageGAta conférence Gold rush21, les participants
par marie Jeu 11 Aoû 2005 - 14:16

adoptent une résolution finale , en appendice ici ..

Subject: Gold Rush 21 adopts the Dawson Declaration

8:06p PT Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee's Gold
Rush 21 conference concluded today in Dawson
City, Yukon Territory, Canada, by adopting
the Dawson Declaration, appended here.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary, Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.


interview de John Embry par Canadian Broadcasting Corp, toujours à la conférence gold rush 21

From: "cxpowell" <gatacomm@...>
Date: Wed Aug 10, 2005 9:21 am
Subject: Another CBC radio interview from Gold Rush 21

12:09a ET Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Thanks to GATA's friend Mark Webber for transcribing
Tuesday's Canadian Broadcasting Corp. interview from
the Gold Rush 21 conference in Dawson, Yukon, with
Sprott Asset Management's John Embry. The text is

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

* * *

CBC Interviews John Embry
at Gold Rush 21 in Dawson


John Embry speaks with CBC Yukon morning show host Dave White about
his gold-price theories...

Host: Manipulating the price of gold. Whose responsible for this, in
your view?

Embry: I think it's the world central banks led by the United States
working with their associates, their bullion banks: the Goldman
Sachs, the Citigroups, etc.

Host: Now why would they do such a thing?

Embry: "It's two-fold. First, gold, as I like to say, is the canary
in the coal mine when it comes to determining the health of the
financial system. And as there's been an enormous amount of
liquidity created, I think they want to mask that, and one of the
ways of doing it is keeping the gold price under control. It's not
too difficult to do these days with the derivatives at hand and the
availability of central bank gold that can be dumped into the market
at appropriate times to keep the price under control.

Host: Explain to us in layman's terms how they do it.

Embry: There are two markets for gold. There's a physical market
where you actually buy and sell gold for jewellery, etc. And then
there is the paper market which takes place primarily on Comex in
the United States, the commodity exchange. Basically those trades
are done with paper. If people are going long on one side by buying
futures, other people are shorting gold to them. And that is where
the primary manipulation takes place.

The Achilles heel to it is that you may run out of physical gold
because the price may be kept too low and therefore the people who
are consuming physical gold for jewellery or for hoarding as an
alternative to currency may take advantage. And the people
suppressing the price will find out that they don't have enough gold
to continue. This is exactly what happened back at the beginning of
the 1970s before gold went from $35 an ounce up to $800.

This time they have been holding it very steady here over the last
few months between $400 and $450. And I suspect that central bank
gold supplies are dwindling. It virtually insures at some point in
the not too distant future that the price is going to get out to the
upside. We await that development.

Host: And when that development comes, what do you think the price
of gold will climb to?

Embry: Over the next three or four years, most probably it will get
to four figures. I think a thousand dollars is not beyond reality.

Host: Obviously this is something that would be of great interest to
a lot of placer miners and people in the place you find yourself
right now in, Dawson City. But what about the rest of the world? Why
should the rest of the world care about the price of gold and why it
is being manipulated?

Embry: "There are a number of places that gold is important to.
Northern communities in Canada certainly. But just as importantly, a
lot of the places in West Africa, and in these places where
starvation is taking place, gold is a fairly significant industry to
them. If the gold price were where it should be, they would be doing
a lot more gold mining and making a lot more money, more taxes for
the government and what-have-you. And basically I just believe in
free markets. I think that if you are manipulating the price of
something to create a false impression, it can be creating all sorts
of difficulties. It's all linked into keeping interest rates low,
which has led to this housing bubble. The magnitude of this is far
larger than people realize.

Host: What do you hope to accomplish by taking part in this
conference in Dawson?

Embry: It is an educational process, really. I think the evidence
GATA has gathered is absolutely overwhelming. My associate and I
wrote a paper on this a year ago and it was well documented, we
believe, as to what was going on. It was interesting that it was met
with total silence. No one who didn't want to go along with it said
a thing, which confirmed to me that the points we were making were
correct. So what we want to do is to get these points more widely
known so people at least know exactly what's going on.

Host: Why do you think that people ignored your findings?

Embry: Because I don't think they want to deal with them. The
establishment essentially is a lot of people who would be
disadvantaged by this, because it will have an impact on the
financial markets, for the simple reason that interest rates, in my
opinion, are far too low for the situation we are in and inflation
is far higher than anybody acknowledges. Those are things that they
do NOT want revealed.

Host: Well, Mr. Embry, interesting stuff. Thank you for your time
this morning."

Embry: "Mr. White, my pleasure."

pour en savoir plus sur cette conférence :

©️ Marie
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GAta conférence Gold rush21, les participants Sign-m10

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MessageRe: GAta conférence Gold rush21, les participants
par marie Ven 12 Aoû 2005 - 1:11

Bill ( Murphy) de retour de la conférence : 1eres impressions à chaud !

source midas of course !!!

danseur danseur danseur danseur

August 11 - Gold $448.70 up $8.70 - Silver $7.14 up 10 cents

"This Is The Finest Conference I Have Ever Been To." Andrey Bykov

What a day! Still up here in the Yukon Territory on a beautiful, hot sunny day on marvelous lakeside inn outside of Whitehorse. Will spend a few days in Vancouver and then head back to Dallas.

Gold Rush 21 was a spectacular success and went well beyond the expectations of Chris Powell and I. Nothing less than a historic gold conference was acceptable to us and I believe it fair to say that as time goes by it will be regarded as one.

We sold the conference out with delegates coming from 14 countries all over the over the world – including the US, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Panama, Switzerland, England, Australia, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Spain, Hungary and Canada.

Over the next week or two Chris and I will bring you further coverage of the conference. Some of the presentations will be put up at The Café and the GATA web site, along with some pictures, etc. As you know, the entire conference was filmed. It will take us around two months to do the proper editing. When done we will present the highlights of this scintillating conference in DVD form to gold companies, governments, press, hedge funds and to anyone else interested in the truth about the gold market.

This can be huge because there was a real buzz in Dawson City. However, as life goes on for the speakers and delegates, they will move on to their daily activities, as is normal. The Dawson buzz will fade. When the DVD is done, that buzz will kick in all over again and last for a very long time.

GATA was honored to have Mr. Andrey Bykov from Moscow, Russia as one of our delegates. You will get a kick out of his credentials, which you may retrieve by doing a Google search. From


"One of the most notable recent developments in this area was a private initiative presented by the little-known Nuclear Disarmament Forum AG (NDF). NDF was registered in Switzerland in 2000 and is managed by Andrey Bykov, who the Financial Times characterizes as a Russian media mogul.[4] Bykov calls himself President Putin's economic advisor.[5] He claims that NDF originated during the U.S.-Russia negotiations on plutonium disposition in the fall of 1999 and even played a crucial role in negotiating the U.S.-Russian Plutonium Disposition Agreement."

Andrey was most gracious and said the following to me at the end of the conference:

"This is the finest conference I have ever attended."

I will put up my presentations when I return to Dallas, however, I would like to mention my major point at the conference – the one I hope is eventually articulated around the investment world. It is very simple.

The central banks don’t have the gold in their vaults they say they have. The gold establishment and central banks proclaim they have 32,000 tonnes of gold. The work of the GATA consultants reveal the central banks have half of that and may only have 12 or 13,000 tonnes of available central gold left. The rest of the gold has been lent out (swapped) and surreptitiously fed into the market over the past 8 to 10 years to artificially suppress the price.

Since demand exceeds gold and mine supply by 1500+ tonnes per year, The Gold Cartel and allies cannot retrieve this gold without driving the price to the moon.

This is what GATA wants to the biggest money players in the world to know. We are referring to the Chinese, Arabs, Russians, and others.

Since Andrey Bykov attended Gold Rush 21, let us take a cursory look at the Russians. The reasons for them to load up on gold are off the charts. One need only refer to this recent news story to appreciate why:

Russia's Gold, Forex Reserves To Double: Finance Minister

05.08.2005 11:24
Russia’s Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said Thursday that Russian gold and foreign exchange reserves could reach $200 billion by the end of this year.

Gold and forex reserves will grow by $80 billion this year, up from the previous forecast of $50.

According to statistics, Russia's gold and foreign exchange reserves stood at $124.5 billion on Jan. 1, and increased to $151.8 billion as of July 1.

Kudrin said that the reserves have swelled due to high market prices for crude oil.


As stated, the Russians have all these extra new reserves because of soaring oil prices and need to do something with them. Russia is the world’s second largest gold producer. The price of gold vis-à-vis its historic relationship to oil is hugely undervalued by more than two standard deviations. The logical play is to load up on gold at these cheap prices, especially with a number of the speakers at Gold Rush 21 predicting the price of gold to rocket far, far higher than $1,000 per ounce.

Not only will the Russians benefit by the increased value of their gold reserves, Russian buying would get them higher prices for the gold coming out of the ground on a daily basis. It is win-win all around for the Russians to make their move on gold here.

Will Gold Rush 21 have any impact on the Russian decision making process? We probably will never know. However, it is quite clear the Russians are paying close attention to GATA. First the Deputy Chairman of Central Bank of Russia, Oleg V. Mozhayskov, made the following statement at the LBMA conference in Moscow on June 4, 2004:

"Many have heard of the group of economists who came together in the society known as the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee and started a number of lawsuits against the U.S. government, accusing it of organising an anti-gold conspiracy. They believe that with the assistance of a number of major financial institutions (they mention in particular the Bank for International Settlements, J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, and others), some senior officials have been manipulating the market since 1994. As a result, the price dropped below US$300 an ounce at a time when it should, if it had kept pace with inflation, reached US$740-760."

Then, Mr. Andrey Bykov contacts GATA re attending Gold Rush 21. I will let you make up your own mind as to the significance of these developments.

Surging crude oil is $65.84 per barrel, up 94 cents, as I go to press.

The dollar is down .57 to 87 even.

A gapping gold market:

August gold

©️ Marie
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GAta conférence Gold rush21, les participants Sign-m10




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MessageRe: GAta conférence Gold rush21, les participants
par marie Ven 12 Aoû 2005 - 12:37

le sentiment de Michel Roy , CEO d'ecu mining sur cette conférence et les conséquences sur le cours gold et silver clap clap clap clap


©️ Marie
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GAta conférence Gold rush21, les participants Sign-m10




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MessageRe: GAta conférence Gold rush21, les participants
par Contenu sponsorisé 

   Contenu sponsorisé


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GAta conférence Gold rush21, les participants
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