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minières junior

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Messageminières junior
par g.sandro Mer 8 Oct 2008 - 3:01

un passage souligné en rouge qui devrait vous interpeler


I am catatonic

I keep trying to write something profound, but the rapid unravelling of our
world has been just too much. I believe that an unfixable point is upon us. So
in order to contribute something to stir some of you, I am attaching some
updated charts on the dwindling supply of financial companies. If you can go
back to the archives in the beginning of June you will find a much more
extensive supply. In fact, it is really fascinating to see the inverse
correlation between the financial companies that have disappeared, and the
supply of gold and silver coins. Soon, I believe, this disappearance will extend
to the supply of gold itself, and after a short while, silver. Please note that
as we saw in Bear Stearns, a financial company can go under with no notice.
These charts are no different from the ones that have already gone that
Also, just a very encouraging word about the incredibly crushed juniors. What
is being lost under all of the gloom, is the positive part, the cost factor. The
collapse in commodities which comprise a lot of the mining costs, the sudden
abundance of drills (and at a much cheaper price) and an abundant labor supply
as the depression takes hold, will soon enable the juniors to greatly reduce
their costs. The spread between the gold price and the cost factor has recently
risen dramatically, and once this liquidity phase ends (anyone's guess) the gold
share explosion will be historic and phenomenal. I don't think any of us foresaw
how deep and relentless the share decline was going to be, but it will end and
the greatest move in the history of stocks will commence. But it has been

Finally, I must include my apocalyptic view of America at this momentous time
in our history. Not only have we entered into a depression, but I believe it
will be much worse and different from previous ones. I see imminent market and
bank closings, and then chaos and riots especially in our cities. America is so
unprepared for what is about to happen and it is so broke, that I think that
unless the military and national guard are called in, our cities will be war
zones. Please take your precautions now while you can. It is urgent. This thing
is unravelling in lightning speed.
One can very easily understand and foresee how the Anti-Christ system will
take hold under these conditions. I think that much of the ruling apparatus is
available, and was seen in a much smaller phase in the Katrina tragedy. As
horrific as things will be, I, as a believer in Jesus look forward to seeing the
greatest spiritual awakening in the history of the world. There is a real world
beyond this one. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk about
any of these things.

Below are some of the charts.


minières junior  Image001

Bank of America

minières junior  Image002


minières junior  Image003

Deutsche Bank

minières junior  Image004

Goldman Sachs

minières junior  Image005

JP Morgan

minières junior  Image006

Merrill Lynch

minières junior  Image007

Morgan Stanley

minières junior  Image008

Royal Bank of Scotland

minières junior  Image009


minières junior  Image010

Silver is king, Go Gold !

©️ G.Sandro

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minières junior
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